Tempus Fugit Visual Project

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Tempus Fugit - Imatge Servicios
Time-lapse made during the construction work of the Forum of Cultures, Barcelona (2003)
"Tempus fugit, sicut nubes, quasi naves, velut umbra."
("Time flies, like clouds, like vessels, like shadows.")


Tempus Fugit Visual Projects

TEMPUS FUGIT VISUAL PROJECTS SL is a company of general services of photography and video created in 2010 by Marc Farrás and Martí Llorens. We are specialized in planning, carrying out and managing the graphic recording of constructive processes of civil works, and also in documenting of finished projects of Architecture and Engineering.

Our individual experience, as a video operator and photographer respectively, began at the end of the 80s with the start of the pre-Olympics construction works in

Barcelona for the VOSA, Vila Olímpica S.A. company (1987-1992). Since then, we have worked in the documentation of a large number of civil work projects, highlighted among them the remodelling of the coastal front of Barcelona and the Fòrum area for Infraestructures del Llevant de Barcelona SA (2001-2004), the new terminal and the control tower of the Barcelona airport for Plan Barcelona (2004-2007) until now, in the fields of urbanization, construction and transport for the state enterprises BIMSA, Barcelona Infraestructures Municipals S.A., and GISA, Gestió d’Infraestructures S.A.